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Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Conflict

Studying social media’s transformation of conflict, political violence, and war

Transformative Collaboration

At the center of our innovative approach is an unprecedented collaboration between AI scientists and a wide range of domain experts.

Conflict and regional experts

Country experts covering ten countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Scholars of Indigenous  peoples

Specialists in decolonization, reconciliation, and Indigenous scholarship.

Disinformation scientists

Leading scholars studying reasoning and decision-making  and the distinction between intuitive and more deliberative reasoning processes.

Public health specialists

Population and community health experts with deep ties to affected communities in Canada and internationally.

Unprecedented record of online and real-world events.

Malicious actors use social media to advance destructive agendas, including political extremism, racial hatred, and election disinformation. In many situations, political and military conflicts are fought as much on social media platforms as in the real world, transforming modern warfare, political discourse, and liberal democracy.


At the same time, social media data holds the potential to provide an unprecedented and expansive real-time record of online and real-world events and their impact on vulnerable communities and individuals. 



Our Analysis Continues to Expand


Armed group

social media profiles


Conflict-related videos


Conflict-related Tweets


Countries World Wide


Social Media platforms

Our Partners

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